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  • Sharpen Your Strategic Thinking

    Critical thinking — meaning the ability to transcend bias and partial information to draw from objective analysis of facts to form a judgment — is one of the more challenging skills for managers to cultivate. This collection of articles from MIT Sloan Management Review examines the ways to use data to supplement instinct, the importance of looking out for potentially important weak signals, and the ways to incorporate critical thinking into an organization overall.


  • Looking Forward to New Ways of Working

    Consider this your guide on how to future proof your organization. In this collection, scholar and distinguished thought leader Lynda Gratton shares her expertise and research on remote work, collaboration, upskilling, and the changing nature of work. Lynda’s research is especially concerned with how changing demographic trends are changing how people approach careers, and what that can mean for skill-building over a life-long career.


  • Redefining Culture in a Changed World

    Workplace culture has become one of the most critical management issues during the global pandemic. This collection will help you understand how to create a safe and effective workplace culture that will lead to productive collaboration, empathy within teams, and ultimately financial success.


  • The AI & Machine Learning Imperative

    Discover how to overcome challenges and identify opportunities by assembling the right talent, upskilling your leadership skills, and reshaping organizational strategy. The AI & ML collection helps leaders think strategically about artificial intelligence and make the kinds of decisions that will best leverage the associated new technologies.


  • Building a Winning Data Strategy

    In this new executive guide, you'll learn how to build a successful data approach, embrace a culture of experimentation, and identify which data systems in your company need improvement. The Data Strategy collection helps leaders think strategically about data and analytics and make the kinds of decisions that will best leverage the associated new technologies.


  • Disruptive Innovation in the Digital Age

    What does the ascendance of a new generation of straight-to-consumer disrupters tell us about how innovation is evolving? What are the sources of disruption that every company must monitor? Is disruption always the right strategy — or not? And why have companies not gotten better at solving the innovator’s dilemma two decades after Christensen first helped us understand how disruption occurs?

    The answers to these questions and more lie in this exclusive collection.


  • Implementing a Sound Strategy

    In this collection of six of the most popular MIT Sloan Management Review articles on implementing strategy, renowned researchers and academic voices examine the critical choices managers make in companies every day. From insights on goal setting and communicating strategic priorities effectively, to M&A approaches, these articles will help leaders sharpen their strategic thinking to face new challenges.


  • Managing Remote Work Wisely

    Manage the multi-dimensional challenges of remote work with an understanding of the subtle issues of engagement, psychological well-being, morale, and alignment.


  • Proactive Leadership Strategies During COVID-19

    Practical guidance to support an anxious and uncertain workforce, manage multiple crises, and guide the organization through economic turmoil, all while isolated from teams and workplaces.


  • Supporting Employees Through Remote Work Transitions

    Advice for leaders on maintaining communications, coordinating work, supporting employees, engaging virtual teams, and managing the life-work balance during remote work transitions.