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Sharpen Your Strategic Thinking

Critical thinking — meaning the ability to transcend bias and partial information to draw from objective analysis of facts to form a judgment — is one of the more challenging skills for managers to cultivate. This collection of articles from MIT Sloan Management Review examines the ways to use data to supplement instinct, the importance of looking out for potentially important weak signals, and the ways to incorporate critical thinking into an organization overall.

Articles included with this collection:

Digital Transformation Opens New Questions — and New Problems to Solve by Hal Gregersen

A Structured Approach to Strategic Decisions by Daniel Kahneman, Dan Lovallo, and Olivier Sibony

How to Read and Respond to Weak Digital Signals by Venkat Venkatraman

The 11 Sources of Disruption Every Company Must Monitor by Amy Webb

How Vigilant Companies Gain an Edge in Turbulent Times by George S. Day and Paul J.H. Schoemaker

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