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For Faculty and Schools

Academic Discount

An academic discount of 50% is available to teachers at degree-granting institutions of higher education and the bookstores serving them. To receive the academic discount, enter the code ACADEMIC in the promotion code box at checkout, and provide the institution name and address, course name or number, instructor and semester.

The discount applies to permissions orders only, and is not available to students or corporate teaching programs.

Academic Discount Pricing

Quantity Regular Price Academic Price
Permission to
1-50 $ 5.90 $ 2.95
51-500 $ 5.10 $ 2.55
501+ $ 4.60 $ 2.30
Article PDF 1 $ 6.95 $ 6.95

Posting Articles For Coursework

Professors may post articles for coursework on a secure and/or password protected intranet, for the duration of the class. Permission fees are based on the number of students in the class.

Faculty Previews

Professors can preview up to five articles per semester at no charge. To request preview copies, please contact us with the institution name and address, and instructor name and title. You will receive a reply within one business day.