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  • MetLife Centers Its Strategy on Digital Transformation

    As demographic changes and technological advances upend the marketplace, MetLife has responded by making digital transformation the heart of its business model.


  • The Five Steps All Leaders Must Take In The Age of Uncertainty

    Leaders need a new mental model to better understand the complex interplay between companies, economies and societies. To do so, they must shift their focus from their own companies to the broader business and social ecosystems in which they are embedded.


  • When People Don't Trust Algorithms

    Even when faced with evidence that an algorithm will deliver better results than human judgment, we consistently choose to follow our own minds. Why? MIT Sloan Management Review editor in chief Paul Michelman sat down with the University of Chicago’s Berkeley Dietvorst to find out.


  • Leading to Become Obsolete

    Zhang Ruimin, the CEO and chairman of the Qingdao, China, white goods giant Haier Group Corp., has done what most chief executives dare not even dream about. He blew up nearly the entire administrative structure of a global manufacturing enterprise, eliminating the 10,000 management jobs that once held it together. And he has guided the organization to re-form as a network of entrepreneurial ventures run by employees.


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