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  • Don't Give Up on Corporate Culture

    MIT Sloan Management Review editor in chief Paul Michelman argues that the importance of corporate culture will dissipate as organizations become flatter and more distributed. However, several readers take a different view.


  • Supply Chains Built for Speed and Customization

    Thanks to emerging technologies like 3-D printing, manufacturers can offer consumers customized products and do so with unprecedented speed. Intrigued by a new product you saw in a YouTube video? Well, someday soon you may be able to personalize it, order it via the company’s website, and have it in your hands in a matter of days. But to enable this phenomenon at scale, an entirely new model of supply chain is required.


  • Developing Innovative Solutions Through Internal Crowdsourcing

    Internal crowdsourcing, which seeks to channel the ideas and expertise of the company’s own employees, allows employees to interact dynamically with coworkers in other locations, propose new ideas, and suggest new directions to management. Because many large companies have pockets of expertise and knowledge scattered across different locations, harnessing the cognitive diversity within organizations can open up rich new sources of innovation.


  • The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create

    A new global study finds several new categories of human jobs emerging. These roles are not replacing old ones. They are brand-new positions that complement the tasks performed by AI machines and will require skills and training that have never before been needed.


Best Sellers

  • Which Strategy When?

    Managers must figure out when it's best to pursue strategies of position, leverage or opportunity.


  • The Most Underrated Skill in Management

    Few questions in business are more powerful than “What problem are you trying to solve?” Leaders who can formulate clear problem statements get more done with less effort and move more rapidly…


  • Managing in the Digital Age

    This SloanSelect Collection focuses on the practical: How executives and managers who incorporate digital technologies into their strategic planning, data analysis and managing talent succeed and stay…


  • The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains

    Distorted information along a supply chain can lead to tremendous inefficiencies. How can companies mitigate them?


  • Strategic Outsourcing: Leveraging Knowledge Capabilities

    Today's knowledge and service-based economy presents opportunities for well-run companies to increase profits through strategic outsourcing.


  • Designing Organizations That Are Built to Change

    Most large-scale change efforts fail to meet their expectations. A major problem is that even the most advanced change models will stumble when they face organizational designs and management practices…