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  • Could the Big Technology Companies of Today Be the Financial Advisers of Tomorrow?

    Following the example of Alibaba in China, Amazon is leveraging strong trust in its brand and its broad customer base to enter the U.S. financial market. While Alibaba saw opportunity in the lack of credit cards in China, Amazon could use credit cards’ ubiquity in the U.S. to reach a large pool of potential customers.


  • Turning Strategy Into Results

    Businesses develop strategies to address complex, multi-layered business environments and challenges — but to execute a strategy in a meaningful way, it must produce a set of specific actions focused on achieving clear goals. Rather than trying to boil the strategy down to a pithy statement, executives will get better results if they develop a small set of actions that everyone gets behind.


  • Going Mobile: The Personalized, On-Demand Future of Urban Transportation

    Throughout the 20th century, autos and the auto industry propelled human development, bringing unrivalled utility and flexibility to the way people move. Yet the industry now faces fundamental disruption as vehicle ownership yields to on-demand mobility.


  • Integrating Analytics in Your Organization: Lessons from the Sports Industry

    The successful use of analytics in sports, both on the field and off, comes down to integrating analytics within an organization. Three strategies — collaborative analytics, a common language, and accessible technology — are key.


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