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Leading in Volatile Times

  • A Manager's Guide to the New World of Work

    Insights from organizations that are navigating the novel challenges of the digital workplace.


  • How AI Is Transforming the Organization

    A clear-eyed look at how AI can complement (rather than eliminate) human jobs, with real-world examples from companies that range from Netflix to Walmart.


  • How to Go Digital

    The most important skills a leader needs to succeed in a digital environment are not technical in nature but managerial—strategic vision, forward-looking perspective, change-oriented mindset. A company’s digital transformation does not involve abandoning widget-making for app developing or pursuing “disruption” at the cost of stability. Rather, it is about adopting business processes and practices that position organizations to compete effectively in the digital environment. How to Go Digital offers advice from management experts on how to steer your company into the digital future.


  • The Next Age of Disruption

    Clayton Christensen's groundbreaking theory of “disruptive innovation” has proven to be one of the most influential management ideas of the last several decades. In this book, business and management experts—many of them Christensen's colleagues and former students—discuss the innovation challenges that lie ahead.



  • The Myths and Realities of Business Ecosystems

    Developing an ecosystem strategy means organizations must shift to a new way of thinking.


  • Beat the Odds in M&A Turnarounds

    You can create significant value by buying troubled businesses and fixing them up. Here’s how.


  • The Most Underrated Skill in Management

    Few questions in business are more powerful than “What problem are you trying to solve?” Leaders who can formulate clear problem statements get more done with less effort and move more rapidly than their less-focused counterparts. But stopping to ask this question doesn’t come naturally — managers must put conscious effort into learning a structured approach.


  • A New Approach to Designing Work

    For years, management thinkers assumed that there were inevitable trade-offs between efficiency and flexibility — and that the right organizational design for each was different. But it’s possible to design an organization’s work in ways that simultaneously offer agility and efficiency — if you know how.


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