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Winter 2021

Articles included in this issue:

The Data Problem Stalling AI
By Gregory Vial, Jinglu Jiang, Tanya Giannelia, and Ann-Frances Cameron

The Four Competencies Every IT Workforce Needs
By Ayse Karaevli, Serden Özcan, and Anja Wintermeyer

What a Crisis Teaches Us About Innovation
By Elsbeth Johnson and Fiona Murray

When Collaboration Fails and How to Fix It
By Rob Cross and Inga Carboni

Are Your Team Members Lonely?
By Constance N. Hadley and Mark Mortensen

Virtual Collaboration Won’t Be the Death of Creativity
By Leigh Thompson

The Promise of Self-Sufficient Production
By Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Alan Gershenfeld, and Neil Gershenfeld

Accelerating Supply Chain Scenario Planning
By Nitin Joglekar and Shardul Phadnis

How Would-Be Category Kings Become Commoners
By Rory McDonald and Keith Krach

The New Elements of Digital Transformation
By Didier Bonnet and George Westerman

Diversity in AI: The Invisible Men and Women
By Ayanna Howard and Charles Isbell

Working With Robots in a Post-Pandemic World
By Matt Beane and Erik Brynjolfsson

Can Data Drive Racial Equity?
By Elizabeth J. Kennedy

To Cut Costs, Know Your Customer
By Vikas Mittal, Shrihari Sridhar, and Roger Best

Why Your Board Needs a Plan for AI Oversight
By Karen Silverman

The Transformational Power of Recommendation
By Michael Schrage

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