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Fall 2023

Articles included in this issue:

Unleash the Unexpected for Radical Innovation
By Wenjing Lyu, Gina Colarelli O’Connor, and Neil C. Thompson

Rethinking Governance for Digital Innovation
By David L. Rogers

Lego Takes Customers’ Innovations Further
By Michela Beretta, Linus Dahlander, Lars Frederiksen, and Arne Thomas

The Profound Influence of Small Choices in Digital Collaboration
By Wietske Van Osch and Burcu Bulgurcu

How Outlawing Collegiate Affirmative Action Will Impact Corporate America
By Derek R. Avery

Procurement in the Age of Automation
By Remko Van Hoek and Mary Lacity

Using Federated Machine Learning to Overcome the AI Scale Disadvantage
By Yannick Bammens and Paul Hünermund

Identify Critical Roles to Improve Performance
By Boris Groysberg, Eric Lin, Abhijit Naik, and Sascha L. Schmidt

Who Should Price a Gig?
By Jovana Karanovic, Elizabeth J. Altman, and Carmelo Cennamo

Taming the Counterfeiting Epidemic
By Robert Handfield, Anand Nair, and Thomas Y. Choi

Harnessing Grassroots Automation
By Ian Barkin and Thomas H. Davenport

CEOs Can Make (or Break) an Organization Redesign
By Herman Vantrappen and Frederic Wirtz

The Case Against Restricting Stock Buybacks
By Nicholas Guest, S.P. Kothari, and Parth Venkat

The Myth of the Mainstream
By Marcus Collins

Why the Power of Technology Rarely Goes to the People
Daron Acemoglu and Simon Johnson, interviewed by Kaushik Viswanath

Countering the Corporate Diversity Backlash
By Victor Ray and Tsedale M. Melaku

The Potency of Shortcuts in Decision-Making
By Sebastian Kruse, David Bendig, and Malte Brettel

Ask Sanyin: Why Can’t We Get Meetings Right?
By Sanyin Siang

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