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Winter 2024

Articles included in this issue:

Set Ambitious but Realistic Environmental Goals
By Kate Isaacs, Jason Jay, Jeremy Gregory, and Elsa Olivetti

The Hidden Opportunity in Paradoxes
By Scott D. Anthony

Get Ready for More Transparent Sustainability Reporting
By Richard Barker

Tackling AI’s Climate Change Problem
By Niklas Sundberg

Can Friction Improve Your Customers’ Experiences?
By Marco Bertini, Diego Aparicio, and Aylin Aydinli

Leadership Development Is Failing Us. Here’s How to Fix It
By Hannes Leroy, Moran Anisman-Razin, and Jim Detert

Make Better Allies of Your Workforce
By Ayse Karaevli and Serden Özcan

What Managers Everywhere Must Know About Caste
By Hari Bapuji, Kamini Gupta, Snehanjali Chrispal, and Thomas Roulet

How to Productively Disagree on Tough Topics
By Kenji Yoshino and David Glasgow

How Ghost Scenarios Haunt Strategy Execution
By Trudi Lang and Rafael Ramírez

The Real Issues Driving the Nursing Crisis
By Donald Sull and Charles Sull

The Rise of Exit Bans and Hostage-Taking in China
By Jack Wroldsen and Chris Carr

The Working Limitations of Large Language Models
By Mikhail Burtsev, Martin Reeves, and Adam Job

Use Open Source for Safer Generative AI Experiments
By Aron Culotta and Nicholas Mattei

The Looming Challenge of Chemical Disclosures
By Lori Bestervelt, Colleen McLoughlin, and Jillian Stacy

R&D Leaders Must Play a Key Role in the Journey to Net Zero
By Dan Edwards and Michael Zeitlyn

There Actually Is an ‘I’ in Team
By Elad N. Sherf, Subra Tangirala, and Alex Ning Li

Ask Sanyin: How Can I Convince Myself I Belong in Leadership?
By Sanyin Siang

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