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Spring 2024

Articles included in this issue:

Who Profits the Most From Generative AI?
By Kartik Hosanagar and Ramayya Krishnan

Steer Clear of Corporate Venture Capital Pitfalls
By Ilya A. Strebulaev and Amanda Wang

Health Care Platforms Need a Strategy Overhaul
By Marcus Holgersson, Joakim Björkdahl, Anna Essén, and Johan Frishammar

How to Make Better Friends at Work
By Gianpiero Petriglieri

Will Large Language Models Really Change How Work Is Done?
By Peter Cappelli, Prasanna (Sonny) Tambe, and Valery Yakubovich

Why Manufacturers Need a Phased Approach to Digital Transformation
By Nitin Joglekar, Geoffrey Parker, and Jagjit Singh Srai

Building Culture From the Middle Out
By Spencer Harrison and Kristie Rogers

Scaling Automation: Two Proven Paths to Success
By Ben Armstrong and Benjamin Berkowitz

How Tech Fails Late-Career Workers
By Stefan Tams

The Trouble With Your Innovation Contests
By Jasmijn Bol, Lisa LaViers, and Jason Sandvik

Radical Innovation Needs Old-School VC
By Thomas Ramge and Rafael Laguna de la Vera

Are Enterprise Social Platforms All Talk?
By Burcu Bulgurcu, Wietske Van Osch, and Gerald C. Kane

Doubling Down on Impact Reporting
By Brian Tomlinson and Lucy Godshall

What the Smart Money Says About Black CEOs
By Curtis L. Wesley II, Hermann A. Ndofor, Enrica N. Ruggs, and Derek R. Avery

Own Your Words to Gain Authority
By David Hollis and Alex Wright

Leading in the Age of Exploding Transparency
By Melissa Swift

What We’re Still Getting Wrong About Performance Management
By Amy Leschke-Kahle

Ask Sanyin: What Matters Most in Evaluating New Opportunities?
By Sanyin Siang

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