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Summer 2023

Articles included in this issue:

Predictive Models Can Lose the Plot. Here’s How to Keep Them on Track.
By Vern L. Glaser, Omid Omidvar, and Mehdi Safavi

Risk Intelligence and the Resilient Company
By Ananya Sheth and Joseph V. Sinfield

How Professional Services Firms Dodged Disruption
By Julian Birkinshaw and David Lancefield

The Missing Discipline Behind Failure to Scale
By Andy Binns and Christine Griffin

Helping Neurodivergent Employees Succeed
By Emily R. Russo, Dana L. Ott, and Miriam Moeller

How Digitally Mature Is Your Finance Office?
By Kristof Stouthuysen

Cashing Out Excellence
By Robert D. Austin, Robert H. Hayes, and Richard L. Nolan

Opening Access to the Fast Track for Career Equity
By Haig R. Nalbantian

The Unequal Rewards of Peer Support at Work
By Nancy Baym and Constance Noonan Hadley

Moving Beyond Islands of Experimentation to AI Everywhere
By Amit Joshi, Ivy Buche, and Miguel Paredes Sadler

Manage Your Workforce Ecosystem, Not Just Your Employees
By Elizabeth J. Altman, David Kiron, Jeff Schwartz, and Robin Jones

A Better Way to Pilot Emerging Technologies
By Torbjørn Netland, Omid Maghazei, and Michael Lewis

Don’t Get Distracted by the Hype Around Generative AI
By Lee Vinsel

When Doing Less Adds Up to More
By Zeynep Ton

International Tax Reform the C-Suite Can’t Ignore
By Danielle Rolfes, Dan Prud’homme, and Vinod Kalloe

Balancing Valued Tradition With Innovation
By Giulia Cancellieri, Simone Ferriani, and Gino Cattani

Ask Sanyin: How Can I Field a Winning Team Without All-Star Players?
By Sanyin Siang

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