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Summer 2021

Articles included in this issue:

Fighting Backlash to Racial Equity Efforts
By Rosalind M. Chow, L. Taylor Phillips, Brian S. Lowery, and Miguel M. Unzueta

Cultivating an Inclusive Culture Through Personal Networks
By Rob Cross, Kevin Oakes, and Connor Cross

Why Putting On Blinders Can Help Us See More Clearly
By Sean Fath, Richard P. Larrick, Jack B. Soll, and Susan Zhu

Why Good Arguments Make Better Strategy
By Jesper B. Sørensen and Glenn R. Carroll

The Practices That Set Learning Organizations Apart
By David G. Collings and John McMackin

Turbulent Times Demand Dynamic Rules
By David R. Hannah, Christopher D. Zatzick, and Jan Kietzmann

The Courage to Be Candid
By Jim Detert and Evan Bruno

Rethinking Industry’s Role in a National Emergency
By ManMohan S. Sodhi and Christopher S. Tang

How Volunteerism Enhances Workplace Skills
By Amanda Shantz and Kiera Dempsey-Brench

The Overlooked Partners That Can Build Your Talent Pipeline
By Nichola J. Lowe

How Organizational Change Disrupts Our Sense of Self
By Hal Gregersen and Roger Lehman

How to Bring ESG Into the Quarterly Earnings Call
By Brian Tomlinson, Tensie Whelan, and Kevin Eckerle

The Right Way to Mix and Match Your Customers
By William Schmidt, Nikolay Osadchiy, and Jing Wu

Get More Ideas From the Crowd
By Claudia Kubowicz Malhotra, Arvind Malhotra, and Barry L. Bayus

The Price Leaders Pay for Cutting Ethical Corners
By Isaac H. Smith, Maryam Kouchaki, and Justin Wareham

Linking Good Intentions to Intentional Action
By Enrica N. Ruggs and Derek R. Avery

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