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Spring 2023

Articles included in this issue:

The Quiet Corner of Web3 That Means Business
By Mary Lacity, Erran Carmel, Amber Grace Young, and Tamara Roth

The No. 1 Question to Ask When Evaluating AI Tools
By Sarah Lebovitz, Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, and Natalia Levina

The Business Case for Quantum Computing
By Francesco Bova, Avi Goldfarb, and Roger Melko

Reimagining HR for Better Well-Being and Performance
By Gabriella Rosen Kellerman and Martin Seligman

Level Up to Strategic Data Sharing
By Barbara H. Wixom, Ina M. Sebastian, Robert W. Gregory, and Gabriele Piccoli

Mining Underground Innovation
By Jeroen P.J. de Jong, Max Mulhuijzen, and K. Venkatesh Prasad

Rethinking Hierarchy
By Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein

Strategizing Across Organizations
By Rafael Ramírez, Trudi Lang, Matthew Finch, Gail Carson, and Dale Fisher

Why Innovation Depends on Intellectual Honesty
By Jeff Dyer, Nathan Furr, Curtis Lefrandt, and Taeya Howell

Become a Better Problem Solver by Telling Better Stories
By Arnaud Chevallier, Albrecht Enders, and Jean-Louis Barsoux

Why Companies Should Help Every Employee Chart a Career Path
By George Westerman and Abbie Lundberg

New Threats to the Subscription Model
By Oded Koenigsberg

What an FTC Noncompete Ban Could Mean for Workers and Businesses
Evan Starr, interviewed by Kaushik Viswanath

Work-From-Home Regulations Are Coming. Companies Aren’t Ready.
By Jimena Murillo Chávarro

The PR Power of Fessing Up
By Sarah A. Soule and Lambert Zixin Li

How E-Commerce Companies Can Reduce Returns
By Pedro Amorim, Eduard Calvo, and Laura Wagner

Ask Sanyin: How Can I Shape My Legacy as a Leader?
By Sanyin Siang

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