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Spring 2022

Articles included in this issue:

AI Can Change How You Measure — and How You Manage
By David Kiron

The Quest for a Killer KPI
By Omri Morgenshtern, Robert Rosenstein, and Peter L. Allen

How the Wrong KPIs Doom Digital Transformation
By Michael Schrage, Vansh Muttreja, and Anne Kwan

How Well-Designed Work Makes Us Smarter
By Sharon K. Parker and Gwenith G. Fisher

When Losing Money Is Strategic — and When It Isn’t
By Ramon Casadesus-Masanell, Dóra Horváth, and S. Ramakrishna Velamuri

Top Performers Have a Superpower: Happiness
By Paul B. Lester, Ed Diener, and Martin Seligman

Leading in an Age of Employee Activism
By Megan Reitz and John Higgins

A Little Rudeness Goes a Long Way
By Shannon G. Taylor and Lauren R. Locklear

When Gradual Change Beats Radical Transformation
By Ivanka Visnjic, Julian Birkinshaw, and Carsten Linz

Think Globally, Innovate Locally
By Satish Nambisan and Yadong Luo

Open Up Your Strategy
By Christian Stadler, Julia Hautz, Kurt Matzler, and Stephan Friedrich von den Eichen

The Data Boom Is Here — It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed
By Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Thomas Ramge

Leading Disruption in a Legacy Business
By Andy Binns, Michael L. Tushman, and Charles O’Reilly III

What Humans Lose When We Let AI Decide
By Christine Moser, Frank den Hond, and Dirk Lindebaum

Can’t Fill Jobs? Deconstruct Them
By Ravin Jesuthasan and John W. Boudreau

To Transition to Net Zero, Model the Alternative
By Simon Glynn and Simon Cooper

Shifting From B2B to B4B Can Build a More Sustainable Business
By Sergio Restrepo and Efosa Ojomo

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