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Fall 2021

Articles included in this issue:

Can We Afford Sustainable Business?
By Marco Bertini, John Pineda, Amadeus Petzke, and Jean-Manuel Izaret

How Supply Chain Transparency Boosts Business Value
By Tim Kraft and Yanchong Zheng

Four Myths About Unauthorized Subcontracting
By Felipe Caro, Leonard Lane, and Anna Sáez de Tejada Cuenca

Decarbonizing Our Toughest Sectors — Profitably
By Amory Lovins

Strategy as a Way of Life
By Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi

Three Ways to Sell Value in B2B Markets
By Joona Keränen, Harri Terho, and Antti Saurama

Job-Hopping Toward Equity
By Boris Groysberg, Paul Healy, and Eric Lin

Small Stake, Big Voice
By Lois Fernandes D'Costa, Tracy Branding Pyle, and James Bamford

The Outsider Edge
By Tracy Anderson and Peter Cappelli

The Brand Advantage That Will Lure Shoppers Back to Stores
By Jonathan Z. Zhang

Why Companies Must Embrace Microservices and Modular Thinking
By Mark J. Greeven, Howard Yu, and Jialu Shan

Why Workplace Hierarchies Matter in Skill Transformation
By Katherine C. Kellogg

Online Shoppers Don’t Always Care About Faster Delivery
By Pedro Amorim and Nicole DeHoratius

The Digital Twin Opportunity
By Pushkar P. Apte and Costas J. Spanos

How In-Store Tech Will Transform Retail
By Selena Zhu, Maxime Cohen, and Saibal Ray

Remaking the Workspace to Boost Social Connection
By Martha Bird

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