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Using Creative Tension to Reach Big Goals

Dave Stangis, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability for Campbell Soup, believes that setting "big, hairy, audacious goals" is necessary to set up the kind of tension needed to motivate and inspire the people who need to reach them. Formerly the Director of Sustainability at Intel, he was able to build on his knowledge and bring a wealth of experience when he was hired into his new position at Campbell three years ago.
Setting the right goals and metrics is important, but so is getting buy-in and support across the organization. Stangis says it's critical to have top-level CEO involvement, and to establish governance structures that work. He talked with MIT Sloan Management Review's Managing Editor Nina Kruschwitz about the kinds of language and conversations that propel a sustainability agenda, the benefits of engaged employees, and using stakeholder conversations to see into the future.
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