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The High Impact of Collaborative Social Initiatives

Corporate social responsibility has become a vital part of the business conversation. The issue for most companies is no longer whether to engage in socially responsible activities but how to achieve the maximum benefit from the resources available for social projects while still increasing shareholder value.

In this article, the authors draw on years of quantitative and case-based studies of major corporations to conclude that CSR activities work best for society and the corporate participants when they are managed strategically and in collaboration with an array of commercial and noncommercial partners. The authors cite exemplars such as Avon Products, whose name is synonymous with responses to women's healthcare issues, and The Home Depot, whose foundation involves suppliers and government agencies in large-scale efforts to combat housing problems in the United States.

The authors point to five core principles behind effective CSR strategies, from the need to contribute "what we do" to the importance of accommodating government's regulatory and taxation influences.
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