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The Amplified Enterprise: Using Social Media To Expand Organizational Capabilities

How are organizations moving from a "provide and pray" approach in social business to a strategic and purpose-driven one? In an interview with Executive Editor David Kiron, Mark McDonald and Anthony Bradley, both of Gartner, and authors of The Social Organization, discuss some of the frameworks they've developed to move companies along the social business path.
McDonald and Bradley say that movement along their "six-F" continuum fear, folly, and flippant to formulating, forging, and fusing has been rapid in the last few years. Executives are understanding the value and potential of becoming a social business. But they are still struggling with devising a strategy to get there. The key, McDonald and Bradley say, is to have a purpose, a well-defined purpose, around which a community will rally, engage and participate. It's participation anchored by purpose that delivers value to the business.
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