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Getting Dispersed Teams Right

What are the best ways for companies to manage and take advantage of virtual teams? This collection of articles from MIT Sloan Management Review examines the unique challenges of managing dispersed workers and the tactics managers can take to help them and the company overall thrive.

Articles included with this collection:

How to Manage Virtual Teams by Frank Siebdrat, Martin Hoegl and Holger Ernst

Set Up Remote Workers to Thrive by Jay Mulki, Fleura Bardhi, Felicia Lassk and Jayne Nanavaty-Dahl

Has Your Office Become a Lonely Place? by Martha E. Mangelsdorf

Should Your Company Embrace Coworking? by Gretchen M. Spreitzer, Lyndon E. Garrett, and Peter Bacevice

Leveraging the Extended Enterprise: MITRE’s Handshake Tool Builds Virtual Collaboration by Donna Cuomo, Laurie Damianos and Stan Drozdetski (MITRE), interviewed by Gerald C. Kane

Managing the Human Cloud by Evgeny Kaganer, Erran Carmel, Rudy Hirschheim and Timothy Olsen

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