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Duke Energy's Plan To Take Over Your Kitchen — and Take Down Your Energy Use

Jim Rogers' official titles are chairman, president and CEO of Duke Energy. But he says those titles boil down to two roles: general and scout. As general, he sets goals for people. As a scout, he gets to meet people, listen to their ideas, and think about all the potentials for his industry. He thinks of his company as a technology company disguised as a utility. Energy has been at the front of innovation, he notes.
Duke Energy is a Charlotte, N.C.-based electric power company that supplies and delivers energy to approximately 4 million U.S. customers. Rogers sees the company's job as being a "nimble pioneer" to help usher in new technologies, new public policies, and new ways of thinking about energy directions.
Rogers spoke with Michael S. Hopkins, editor-in-chief of MIT Sloan Management Review, about why education is not sufficient to get people to do the right thing, when it's good to give in to risk, and how Duke Energy plans to shift from being a "supplier of electricity" to an "optimizer of use."
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