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A Sober Optimist's Guide to Sustainability

Above all else, MIT Sloan professor John Sterman is a world-class "systems guy" he leads the school's System Dynamics Group, is a trained scientist, is co-leader of MIT Sloan's Sustainable Business Lab (S-Lab) and perhaps unsurprisingly brings to any conversation about sustainability a certain impatience with views that refuse either to confront the evident facts or, for that matter, to see the problem whole instead of in parts, to see it as the systemic set of interdependencies that it is.

But if indeed this should register as a "but" he is a humanist, too. And "a true optimist." And it is impossible to come away from talking with him without feeling that there is work to do, yes, but that it can be done. And that for businesses, doing that work presents an opportunity, not just a threat.

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