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What Sells CEOs on Social Networking

Six years ago, MIT Sloan’s Andrew McAfee coined the term “Enterprise 2.0? as a shorthand for what tools that now include blogging, Twitter and Wikis would mean for enterprises. In this interview Q&;A, he talks about how CEOs see this world today "Ò and what really sells them on the tools.

From his base at the Center for Digital Business at MIT, Andrew McAfee’s job these days is, he says, to “try to understand all the different things that technology is doing to the business world, all the different ways that it’s changing innovation and productivity and process execution, and then, at a higher level, try to understand how it’s affecting the work force and how it’s affecting competition.”

In this interview with David Kiron, executive editor of Innovation Hubs at MIT SMR, McAfee looks back at the past six years and what he’s learned about the triggers that generate CEO interest in social networking, what he misread and why the idea of controlling information flows is becoming obsolete.

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