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Turning a "No Comment" Company into a Social Media Advocate

"The Maersk brand has gone through a huge transformation in the last ten years," says Anna Granholm-Brun, corporate brand manager of the Danish shipping and energy conglomerate Maersk Group . "We used to provide a 'no comment' when the press called, and we just wouldn't have anything to share, or even want to share. We kept a low profile and didn't market ourselves."

All that has changed. In a conversation with MIT Sloan Management Review's Robert Berkman, Granholm-Brun explains how the company has shifted from one end of the transparency spectrum to the other, why there's so much value in a good story and what it took to sell social to company executives.

"It's certainly a goal to move toward being the thought leaders as well as projecting the voices of the thought leaders within the industries that we're working in," says Granholm-Brun.

She sent out a newsletter to all of the company's officers and the cadets saying, "if you'd like to be a social media ambassador for Maersk Group, let me know." Their stories are turned into blog posts, videos and more. "What we end up doing is telling the story of what Maersk does and how we do it and the values that we live by through the very trustworthy voices of the people who work for us," says Granholm-Brun. Those stories are posted on Tumblr and at the Maersk YouTube channel. Read more.

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