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How Decisions Get Made

How do you decide how to decide? What are the best strategies for problem-solving? This collection of articles from MIT Sloan Management Review explores the critical importance of knowing what problem you are trying to solve, taking the time to thoroughly frame a decision and explore the full scope of options, and recognizing that consensus isn’t always the best policy.

Articles included with this collection:

The Most Underrated Skill in Management by Nelson P. Repenning, Don Kieffer, and Todd Astor

Saving Money Through Structured Problem-Solving by Nelson P. Repenning, Don Kieffer, and Michael Morales

Stop Jumping to Solutions! by Albrecht Enders, Andreas König, and Jean-Louis Barsoux

Learning the Art of Business Improvisation by Edivandro Carlos Conforto, Eric Rebentisch, and Daniel Amaral

Why Our Minds Swap Out Hard Questions For Easy Ones by Leslie Brokaw

Toyota’s Secret: The A3 Report by John Shook

When Consensus Hurts the Company by Felipe A. Csaszar and Alfredo Enrione

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