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Developing Tomorrow's Global Leaders

Human resources executives say that the next generation of global executives will be more diverse. But by diverse, they don't just mean having variations in age, nationality and gender. Instead, they believe that top leadership groups in the future will be characterized by people with greater diversity of experience and "thought styles." HR executives also believe that next-generation leaders will be working more collectively. Taken together, that means that leaders from highly diverse backgrounds will need to work together more effectively. How are HR executives grooming the next generation of leaders to address these challenges successfully? Authors Robert J. Thomas, Joshua Bellin and Claudy Jules, all of Accenture, and Nandani Lynton, of China Europe International Business School and Maersk, explain that HR leaders with the highest degree of confidence in their leadership development programs are more likely to tailor those programs for a diverse audience. Those HR leaders also recognize that diversity extends to learning styles, and they avoid a one-size-fits all approach to teaching, coaching and mentoring.
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