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Developing and Leveraging Your Analytics Assets

A global survey, top-ranked books, and research on offshore analytics providers all offer in-depth insights for executives seeking analytics transformation.

In this collection, you will learn:


  • The 3 imperatives to adopting a mind-set completely different from the "small data" perspective of the past.
  • The distinction between forecasting and predictive analytics
  • 3 major steps in thinkig more like a quantitative analyst, to better understand and deal with those who have such expertise
  • What you should know before outsourcing analytics.


Aritlces included with this collection:

Thriving in a Big Data World By Alden M. Hayashi

Raising the Bar With Analytics By David Kiron, Pamela Kirk Prentice and Renee Boucher Ferguson

Should You Outsource Analytics? By David Fogarty and Peter C. Bell

PDF $12.95

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