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Building a Winning Data Strategy

In this new executive guide, you'll learn how to build a successful data approach, embrace a culture of experimentation, and identify which data systems in your company need improvement. The Data Strategy collection helps leaders think strategically about data and analytics and make the kinds of decisions that will best leverage the associated new technologies.

How Organizations Can Build Analytics Agility
By Lori C. Bieda

The Enterprise Systems That Companies Need to Create
By David Waller and Paul Beswick

Data Governance in the 21st-Century Organization
By Gregory Vial

Actioned Analytics Pave the Way to New Customer Value
By Barbara H. Wixom and Gabriele Piccoli

Why Culture Is the Greatest Barrier to Data Success
By Randy Bean

Getting Serious About Data and Data Science
By Thomas C. Redman and Thomas H. Davenport

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