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  • Leading in The Digital World: How to Foster Creativity, Collaboration, and Inclusivity

    The definitive book on leadership in the digital era: why digital technologies call for leadership that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity.


  • Designed for Digital

    Practical advice for redesigning “big, old” companies for digital success, with examples from Amazon, BNY Mellon, LEGO, Philips, USAA, and many other global organizations.


  • The Technology Fallacy: How People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation

    Why an organization's response to digital disruption should focus on people and processes and not necessarily on technology.


  • Balancing Green

    An expert on business strategy offers a pragmatic take on how businesses of all sizes balance the competing demands of profitability and employment with sustainability.


  • Leading Open Innovation

    This volume describes the ways that OI expands the space for innovation, describing a range of OI practices, participants, and trends. The contributors come from practice and academe, and reflect international, cross-sector, and transdisciplinary perspectives. They report on a variety of OI initiatives, offer theoretical frameworks, and consider new arenas for OI from manufacturing to education.


  • Free Innovation

    In this book, Eric von Hippel, author of the influential Democratizing Innovation, integrates new theory and research findings into the framework of a “free innovation paradigm.”