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Winter 2016

Articles included in this issue:

How Workplace Fairness Affects Employee Commitment
By Matthias Seifert, Joel Brockner, Emily C. Bianchi, and Henry Moon

Mastering Strategy
By Martha E. Mangelsdorf

How CEOs Can Leverage Twitter
By Claudia Kubowicz Malhotra and Arvind Malhotra

The Long-Tail Strategy for IT Outsourcing
By Ning Su, Natalia Levina, and Jeanne W. Ross

What Email Reveals About Your Organization
By Peter A. Gloor

Leading in the Age of Super-Transparency
By Robert D. Austin and David M. Upton

Lessons From Hollywood: A New Approach To Funding R&D
By Andrew W. Lo and Gary P. Pisano

Using Social Media in Business Disputes
By David Orozco

A New Vision for Personal Transportation
By Wolfgang Gruel and Frank Piller

Getting Workplace Safety Right
By Mark Pagell, Anthony Veltri, and David Johnston

Fighting the "Headquarters Knows Best" Syndrome
By Cyril Bouquet, Julian Birkinshaw, and Jean-Louis Barsoux

Has Your Office Become a Lonely Place?
By Martha E. Mangelsdorf

When Customers Become Fans
By Jielin Dong and Yanli Zhang

What's Your Strategy for Supply Chain Disclosure?
By Donna Marshall, Lucy McCarthy, Paul McGrath, and Fiona Harrigan

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