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Winter 2010

Articles included in this issue:

Connecting the Dots in the Enterprise
By Andrew McAfee

The Importance of Meaningful Work
By Christopher Michaelson

The Pitfalls of Promoting Entrepreneurship
By Martha E. Mangelsdorf

How Not to Market on the Web
By Alden M. Hayashi

Your Next Supply Chain
By David Simchi-Levi and Charles H. Fine

Minding the Supply Savings Gaps
By P. Fraser Johnson and Michiel R. Leenders

Increasing Supplier-Driven Innovation
By John W. Henke Jr. and Chun Zhang

"Greening" Transportation in the Supply Chain
By Susan L. Golicic, Courtney N. Boerstler, and Lisa M. Ellram

How to Change a Culture: Lessons From NUMMI
By John Shook

Why the Highest Price Isn't the Best Price
By James C. Anderson, Marc Wouters, and Wouter van Rossum

How Reputation Affects Knowledge Sharing Among Colleagues
By Prescott C. Ensign and Louis Hubert

Why Forecasts Fail. What to Do Instead
By Spyros Makridakis, Robin M. Hogarth, and Anil Gaba

What It Takes to Make "Star" Hires Pay Off
By Boris Groysberg, Linda-Eling Lee, and Robin Abrahams

Outcome-Driven Supply Chains
By Steven A. Melnyk, Edward W. Davis, Robert E. Spekman, and Joseph Sandor

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