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The Leadership Series: Managing Virtual Teams

How much remote work is too much for your company? Explore how managers can allow employees flexibility about where they work while creating a sense of community and cooperation among distributed teams.

In this collection, you will learn


  • 5 key lessons to help maximize the performance of virtual teams
  • How your company can benefit from the flexibility and autonomy of co-working
  • Steps executives can take to counter the negative effects of"techno stress"


Articles included with this collection:

Has Your Office Become a Lonely Place? By Martha Mangelsdorf

How to Manage Virtual Teams By Frank Siebdrat, Martin Hoegl, and Holger Ernst

The Dark Side of Information Technology By Monideepa Tarafdar, John D'Arcy, Ofir Turel, and Ashish Gupta

Should Your Company Embrace Coworking? By Gretchen M. Spreitzer, Lyndon E. Garrett, and Peter Bacevice

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