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The Digital Future of Management Book Series

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MIT Sloan Management Review and the MIT Press have joined forces to explore the digital frontiers of management. Books in the series draw fromthe print and web pages of MIT SMR to deliver expert insights and sharply tuned advice on navigating the unprecedented challenges of the digital world. These books are essential reading for executives from the world’s leading source of ideas on how technology is transforming the practice of management.

In the series:

What the Digital Future Holds
20 Groundbreaking Essays on How Technology Is Reshaping the Practice of Management

The purpose of these essays—taken separately or together—is to help you see what is possible, probable, and developing with much greater speed than many of us could have ever imagined. It is your guide through the next wave of smart technology and the disruption it promises to bring to our organizations.

How to Go Digital
Practical Wisdom to Help Drive Your Organization's Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about adopting business processes and practices that position organizations to compete effectively in an increasingly digital world. The articles in this collection are about how to adapt your organization to respond to and take advantage of opportunities in the competitive environment made possible by digital technologies.This book is full of ideas to help your organization take the first—or next—step toward digital transformation.

When Innovation Moves at Digital Speed
Strategies and Tactics to Provoke, Sustain, and Defend Innovation in Today's Unsettled Markets

The articles in the collection contain practical advice for advancing innovation efforts across the three dimensions of digitization:

  • Digitizing current operations. Using digital technologies to optimize core operations is increasingly a competitive necessity.
  • Digitizing the customer interface. Finding better and better ways to communicate and transact directly with customers.
  • Creating new digital business models. Digitalization creates opportunities for companies to create powerful new growth businesses. One option is to become a digital producer that provides actionable insights based on rich data. The second option is to become a digital platform.

Who Wins in a Digital World?
Strategies to Make Your Organization Fit for the Future

What strategies will it take to keep pace in today’s environment, one in which individuals and businesses are expected to pivot repeatedly toward new ways of working?

Coping with this challenge has three dimensions:

  • The ability to be both flexible and focused
  • The ability to evolve and to embrace all the messiness therein
  • The ability to move and adapt quickly

In this book are collected some of the best new thinking and research on these three topics.


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