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The Analytics Advantage

Analytics are everywhere in the news, but who is actually using them for competitive advantage, and how? Explore how the intensifying "data deluge" is changing the way managers innovate. Get six of the most read and discussed articles from the analytics archive.

The Secrets to Managing Business Analytics Projects Business analytics projects are often characterized by uncertain or changing requirements — and a high implementation risk. So it takes a special breed of project manager to execute and deliver them.

How Fast and Flexible Do You Want Your Information, Really? Almost all executives want more and faster information, and almost all companies are racing to provide it. What many of them overlook, though, is that the real aim should be not faster information but faster decision making — and those arenÕt the same things. ÒFew organizations have reached an optimum with regard to how fast important information reaches in boxes, desks and brains,Ó write the authors. ÒDecision makers can digest only so much information, and only so fast.Ó

A Plan to Invent the Marketing We Need Toady The discipline of marketing hasnÕt kept up with the rapid changes facing 21st-century businesses. New scholarship doesnÕt have enough management relevance, and practicing marketers are too often forsaking rigor. Here are seven strategies that can make marketing both relevant and rigorous in todayÕs world.

Can Marketing Lift Stock Prices? Traditional marketing practices are increasingly viewed with skepticism. In many organizations, marketers struggle to document the return on investment for expenditures; as a result, marketing has less influence in the boardroom — and marketing is viewed as a questionable cost rather than a worthy investment. This article is based on a study that found that certain marketing techniques can influence a companyÕs stock market valuation — if the techniques increase customer lifetime value.

How to Find Answers Within Your Company Internal knowledge markets can facilitate information sharing within large organizations. The trick for executives is figuring out how to make them work.

Creating Business Value with Analytics Our new survey suggests that companies experienced in analytics use are increasingly gaining competitive advantage — but their approaches vary.

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