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Summer 2017

Articles included in this issue:

Using Scenario Planning to Reshape Strategy
By Rafael Ramírez, Steve Churchhouse, Alejandra Palermo, and Jonas Hoffmann

How to Catalyze Innovation in Your Organization
By Michael Arena, Rob Cross, Jonathan Sims, and Mary Uhl-Bien

Building a Winning Business Model Portfolio
By Paolo Aversa, Stefan Haefliger, and Danielle Giuliana Reza

The Flare and Focus of Successful Futurists
By Amy Webb

Mastering the Make-in-India Challenge
By Ram Mudambi, Haritha Saranga, and Andreas Schotter

The Question Every Executive Should Ask
Bernard J. Tyson, interviewed by Paul Michelman

Developing Innovative Solutions Through Internal Crowdsourcing
By Arvind Malhotra, Ann Majchrzak, Lâle Kesebi, and Sean Looram

The Best Response to Digital Disruption
By Jacques Bughin and Nicolas van Zeebroeck

Rethinking the East Asian Leadership Gap
By Winter Nie, Daphne Xiao, and Jean-Louis Barsoux

The Missing Piece in Employee Development
By Nik Kinley and Shlomo Ben-Hur

Don’t Give Up on Corporate Culture

Supply Chains Built for Speed and Customization
By Manmohan S. Sodhi and Christopher S. Tang

The Power of Consumer Stories in Digital Marketing
By Renée Richardson Gosline, Jeffrey Lee, and Glen Urban

The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create
By H. James Wilson, Paul R. Daugherty, and Nicola Morini-Bianzino

Seeing Beyond the Blockchain Hype
Christian Catalini, interviewed by Paul Michelman

A Data-Driven Approach to Identifying Future Leaders
By Stacey Philpot and Kelly Monahan

Choosing Scope Over Focus
By Richard A. D’Aveni

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