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Summer 2011

Articles included in this issue:

The Business Models Investors Prefer
By Peter Weill, Thomas W. Malone, and Thomas G. Apel

How Quality Drives the Rise and Fall of High-Tech Products
By Gerard J. Tellis, Eden Yin, and akesh Nira

The Big Difference a Penny Makes
By Martha E. Mangelsdorf

Can Marketing Lift Stock Prices?
By V. Kumar and Denish Shah

Is Your Company Choosing the Best Innovation Ideas?
By Markus Reitzig

How to Innovate When Platforms Won't Stop Moving
By Michael S. Hopkins

Innovating in Uncertain Markets: 10 Lessons for Green Technologies
By and Paul J.H. Schoemaker and Paul J.H. Schoemaker

In Praise of Dissimilarity
By  Michael Gibbert and Martin Hoegl

First Look: The Second Annual New Intelligent Enterprise Survey
By Nina Kruschwitz and Rebecca Shockley

Why CRM Fails Ñ and How to Fix It
By , Simon Knox and Joe Peppard, Simon Knox, and Joe Peppard

How Gap Inc. Engaged With its Stakeholders
By N. Craig Smith, Sean Ansett, and Lior Erez

Why Every Project Needs a Brand (and How to Create One)
By Karen A. Brown, Richard Ettenson, and Nancy Lea Hyer

What Really Happened to Toyota?
By Robert E. Cole

Leveraging the Social Web Within the Enterprise
By MIT Sloan Management Review

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