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Spring 2015

Articles included in this issue:

Accelerating Projects by Encouraging Help
By Fabian J. Sting, Christoph H. Loch, and Dirk Stempfhuber

Revamping Your Business Through Digital Transformation
By George Westerman and Didier Bonnet

Sustaining an Analytics Advantage
By Peter C. Bell

How Executive Sponsors Influence Project Success
By Timothy J. Kloppenborg and Debbie Tesch

When Consensus Hurts the Company
By Felipe A. Csaszar and Alfredo Enrione

Competing With Ordinary Resources
By Frédéric Fréry, Xavier Lecocq, and Vanessa Warnier

What Successful Project Managers Do
By Alexander Laufer, Edward J. Hoffman, Jeffrey S. Russell, and W. Scott Cameron

The Other Talent War: Competing Through Alumni
By Seth Carnahan and Deepak Somaya

Assembling Your Personal Board of Advisors
By Yan Shen, Richard D. Cotton, and Kathy E. Kram

Reducing Unwelcome Surprises in Project Management
By Tyson R. Browning and Ranga V. Ramasesh

Minding the Analytics Gap
By Sam Ransbotham, David Kiron, and Pamela Kirk Prentice

The New World of Work
By Martha E. Mangelsdorf

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