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Spring 2011

Articles included in this issue:

When Unhappy Customers Strike Back on the Internet
By Thomas M. Tripp and Yany Grégoire

Making the Price of Indulgence Right
By Ravi Dhar and Uzma Khan

Why Companies Have to Trade "Perfect Data" for "Fast Info"
By Michael S. Hopkins

Flat World, Hard Boundaries — How To Lead Across Them
By Chris Ernst and Donna Chrobot-Mason

Why Project Networks Beat Project Teams
By Carol Pletcher and Jonathon Cummings

How Fast and Flexible Do You Want Your Information, Really?
By Thomas H. Davenport and Jim Hagemann Snabe

The Power of Reconnection How Dormant Ties Can Surprise You
By Jorge Walter, J. Keith Murnighan, and Daniel Z. Levin

Putting the "Relationship' Back Into CRM
By Jill Avery and Susan Fournier

Unlocking the Business Potential of Virtual Worlds
By MIT Sloan Management Review

Overheard at MIT: Nobel Laureates on the State of Finance
By Martha E. Mangelsdorf

Does Social Responsibility Help Protect a Company's Reputation?
By Gunjan Bhardwaj and Andreas B. Eisingerich

New Sustainability Study: The "Embracers" Seize Advantage
By Knut Haanaes, Balu Balagopal, Ming Teck Kong, Ingrid Velken, David Arthur, Michael S. Hopkins, and Nina Kruschwitz

How Too Much Multitasking at Work Can Slow You Down
By Martha E. Mangelsdorf

What Great Projects Have in Common
By Dov Dvir and Aaron J. Shenhar

From "Trust Me" to "Show Me": Moving Sustainability at Shell Oil From "Priority" to "Core Value"
By Michael S. Hopkins

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