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Lessons in Customer Commitment

How to nurture customer relationships, deliver on promises and innovate beyond the familiar

In this collection, you will learn:

  • Why many customer loyalty programs miss their mark, and how to design a program that is truly effective
  • How great companies listen closely to their customers
  • How customer become more loyal if they feel you are listening
  • Five key questions that can help you discover whether your company is truly customer-focused - and where to look first to correct it if it is not

Articles included with this collection:

Do Customer Loyalty Programs Really Work? By Grahame R. Dowling and Mark Uncles

Why Customer Participation Matters By Omar Merlo, Andreas B. Eiseingerich and Seigyoung Auh

Is Your Company As Customer-Focused As You Think? By Patrick Barwise and Sean Meehan

PDF $12.95

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