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How to Go Digital

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The most important skills a leader needs to succeed in a digital environment are not technical in nature but managerial — strategic vision, forward-looking perspective, change-oriented mindset. A company’s digital transformation does not involve abandoning widget making for app developing or pursuing “disruption” at the cost of stability. Rather, it is about adopting business processes and practices that position organizations to compete effectively in the digital environment. More important than technology implementation are strategy, talent management, organizational structure, and leadership aligned for the digital world. How to Go Digital offers advice from management experts on how to steer your company into the digital future.

The book will put you on the right strategic path, with articles from MIT Sloan Management Review on developing a digital strategy, reframing growth for a digital world, monetizing data, and generating sustainable value from social media. Talent acquisition and retention are addressed, with articles on HR analytics, data translators, and enabling employees to become brand ambassadors outside of the office. Operational makeovers are discussed in terms of sales, services, new technologies, and innovation.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Digital Transformation Might Be Different Than You Think
By Gerald C. Kane

How to Develop a Great Digital Strategy
By Jeanne W. Ross, Ina M. Sebastian, and Cynthia M. Beath

Five Myths about Digital Transformation
By Stephen J. Andriole

Winning the Digital Talent War
By Gerald C. Kane, Doug Palmer, Anh Nguyen Phillips, and David Kiron

Reframing Growth Strategy in a Digital Economy
By Didier Bonnet and Peter Maulik

How to Monetize Your Data
By Barbara H. Wixom and Jeanne W. Ross

What's Your Data Worth?
By James E. Short and Steve Todd

Is Your Company Ready for HR Analytics?
By Bart Baesens, and Sophie De Winne, and Luc Sels

Why Your Company Needs Data Translators
By Chris Brady, Mike Forde, and Simon Chadwick

Sales Gets a Machine-Learning Makeover
By H. James Wilson, Narendra Mulani, and Allan Alter

A New Approach to Automating Services
By Mary C. Lacity and Leslie P. Wilcocks

Organizing for New Technologies
By Rahul Kapoor and Thomas Klueter

Mastering the Digital Innovation Challenge
By Fredrik Svahn, Lars Mathiassen, Rikard Lindgren, and Gerald C. Kane

Finding the Right role for Social Media in Innovation
By Deborah L. Roberts and Frank T. Piller

Improving Analytics Capabilities through Crowdsourcing
By Joseph Byrum and Alpheus Bingham

Beyond Viral: Generating Sustainable Value from Social Media
By Manuel Cebrian, Iyad Rahwan, and Alex "Sandy" Pentland

When Employees Don't "Like" Their Employers on Social Media
By Marie-Cécile Cervellon and Pamela Lirio

Leading in an Unpredictable World
Pierre Nanterme, interviewed by Paul Michelman

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