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Fall 2018

Articles included in this issue:

What Problems Will You Solve With Blockchain?
By Teppo Felin and Karim Lakhani

Blockchain Is Changing How Media and Entertainment Companies Compete
By Andre Dutra, Andranik Tumasjan, and Isabell M. Welpe

Breaking Logjams in Knowledge Work
By Sheila Dodge, Don Kieffer, and Nelson P. Repenning

Selling Solutions Isn’t Enough
By Hannah Grove, Kevin Sellers, Richard Ettenson, and Jonathan Knowles

How to Launch Products in Uncertain Markets
By Jan-Michael Ross and Jan Hendrik Fisch

Why People Believe in Their Leaders — or Not
By Daniel Han Ming Chng, Tae-Yeol Kim, Brad Gilbreath, and Lynne Andersson

A More Profitable Approach to Product Returns
By James Abbey, Michael Ketzenberg, and Richard Metters

Building an Ethically Strong Organization
By Catherine Bailey and Amanda Shantz

When Communication Should Be Formal
By Antti Tenhiälä and Fabrizio Salvador

Why AI Isn’t the Death of Jobs
By Jacques Bughin

How AI Can Amplify Human Competencies
Ken Goldberg, interviewed by Frieda Klotz

Five Ways to Improve Communication in Virtual Teams
By N. Sharon Hill and Kathryn M. Bartol

Technical Debt Might Be Hindering Your Digital Transformation
By Adam Burden, Edwin Van der Ouderaa, Ramnath Venkataraman, Tomas Nyström, and Prashant P. Shukla

Four Ways Jobs Will Respond to Automation
By Scott Latham and Beth Humberd

Platforms That Grow Are More Than Matchmakers
By Jeffrey L. Sampler

Master the Challenges of Multichannel Pricing
By Walter Baker, Gadi BenMark, Manish Chopra, and Sajal Kohli

Digital Transformation Opens New Questions — and New Problems to Solve
By Hal Gregersen

Gender Discrimination Still Exists — Now What?
By Morela Hernandez

Finding the Middle Ground in a Politically Polarized World
By N. Craig Smith and Daniel Korschun

Why Tech Companies Don’t See Their Biggest Problems Coming
By Ian I. Mitroff

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