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Fall 2016

Articles included in this issue:

Using Artificial Intelligence to Set Information Free
By Reid Hoffman

Managing the Bots That Are Managing the Business
By Tim O'Reilly

Rise of the Strategy Machines
By Thomas H. Davenport

Tackling the World's Challenges With Technology
By Andrew Winston

Rethinking the Manager's Role
By Lynda Gratton

Ethics and the Algorithm
By Bidhan L. Parmar and R. Edward Freeman

Is Your Company Ready to Operate as a Market?
By Rita Gunther McGrath

Predicting a Future Where the Future Is Routinely Predicted
By Andrew W. Moore

Creating Management Processes Built for Change
By Christopher G. Worley, Thomas Williams, and Edward E. Lawler III

Executive Assistants for Everyone
By Hal R. Varian

Leading in an Unpredictable World
By Paul Michelman

How to Manage Alliances Strategically
By Ha Hoang and Frank T. Rothaermel

A New Approach to Automating Services
By Mary C. Lacity and Leslie P. Willcocks

Designing and Developing Analytics-Based Data Products
By Thomas H. Davenport and Stephan Kudyba

The Hard Truth About Business Model Innovation
By Clayton M. Christensen, Thomas Bartman, and Derek van Bever

A New Era of Corporate Conversation
By Catherine J. Turco

Harnessing the Best of Globalization
By William R. Kerr

When Strategy Walks Out the Door
By Teppo Felin

Why Digital Transformation Needs a Heart
By George Westerman

Unleashing Creativity With Digital Technology
By Robert D. Austin

The Three New Skills Managers Need
By Monideepa Tarafdar

Digital Today, Cognitive Tomorrow
By Ginni Rometty

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